Teaching assistantships, lectures, and tutorials.

Lectures and Tutorials:

  • Podium Presentation: Contextualized Graphical Models Reveal Sample-Specific Transcriptional Networks for 7000 Tumors
  • Chalk Talk: Recognizing, Representing, and Interpolating Human Emotions with Deep Learning
  • Chalk Talk: Deep Learning Applied to Contact Prediction in De Novo Protein Models
  • Tutorial Series, Tutorial Code: Bioscience Python Tutorials

Current Mentees:

  • Alyssa Lee, Computational Biology BS Student, CMU
  • Jannik Deuschel, Machine Learning MS Student, KIT
  • Juwayni Lucman, Artificial Intelligence MS Student, MBZUAI
  • Wesley Lo, Mathematics BS Student, MIT
  • Ikechukwu Daniel Adebi, Mechanical Engineering MEng Student, MIT

Teaching Assistantships:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning (PhD), CMU 10-701. Instructors: Maria Balkan, Henry Chai.
  • Genetics and Epigenetics of the Brain, CMU 02-319. Instructor: Andreas Pfenning